Eurasian Plant of Construction Equipment

Supply of screw products for any purpose in the required quantity.

We are a direct manufacturer of machines for the manufacture of screw coils. The only ones on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

World quality standards

World quality standards

On our equipment, you can bend the screw of any steel grade, any thickness of the workpiece, the height of the edge and any step of the turn, without changing the matrix on the machine. The machine has a CNC control, respectively, if you need to make a screw of non-standard geometry, you just change the parameters of the machine. This is very convenient and significantly speeds up production.

We will produce any screw products according to your requirements

We have a research and production base, modern equipment, and many years of experience in the manufacture of augers. We do not have any restrictions for the production of any geometry, unlike foreign manufacturers. Our products can be as you need, high-quality and at the same time cheaper than any analogues due to low labor costs and production on the spot, in Russia.

We will produce any screw products according to your requirements
 Machines for the production of screw coils

Machines for the production of screw coils

The company "Eurasian Plant of Construction Equipment" is the only manufacturer of machines for the production of screw coils in Russia and the CIS countries.

We give 40% more than what is written in the contract

The price is up to 32% lower than the cost of foreign analogues The nearest manufacturers of similar equipment are in Austria and Australia

Support and advice Our experts are always ready to answer your questions, advise, prompt-even after the launch of the equipment

Official quality guarantees We are responsible for the quality of our manufactured equipment and its assembly

Each client has a personal manager When making an application, a specific specialist leading your order is attached to you

9 years of work We know everything about the production of augers. We have developed machines that solve 100% of its problems

Individual solutions We will assemble the equipment to meet your requirements, if the machines of the standard design do not suit you

We supply products all over the world!

We strictly adhere to high quality standards, focusing on strict international requirements.

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