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ScrewTech LM
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  • Purpose Transportation of bulk materials
  • Model ScrewTech LM
  • Capacity up to 90 ton / hour
  • Tilt angle 0º–45º
  • Speed of rotation 187-280 rpm
  • Engine power 1.5-15.0 kW
  • Diameter 114-273 mm
  • Length 1000-12000 mm

ScrewTech LM tray screw conveyors

The ScrewTech LM tray auger of an improved design is a conveyor with advanced functionality. The equipment is ideal for transportation, unloading, and dosing of powdered and small-batch products. Tray screw conveyors of this series are especially recommended for working with complex materials that are prone to caking: gypsum, dust and others similar to them in consistency.


The multi-purpose tray screw ScrewTech LM is a design that includes:

  • gutter-shaped housing (tray) with a length of 6 to 10 meters;

  • loading neck;

  • upload window;

  • spiral screw mounted inside the housing;

  • end and intermediate support bearings with gaskets.

The screw of the tray screw is driven by an electric motor, which gives rotation through a worm-type gearbox attached to the shaft axis.

For the production of the screw in the tray and other structural elements, high-grade carbon steel of optimal thickness is used. The surfaces of the components have a perfectly smooth surface, which eliminates the sticking of the transported product, facilitates loading and unloading.

The equipment presented on this site is sold both in standard design and on order. The calculation of the conveyor is carried out by experienced designers, taking into account the factors that affect the operational life of the tray screw conveyor. Namely, the dimensions of the structure, the angle of inclination, the required performance, and the characteristics of the material to be transported are taken into account.

Working principle

The material to be transported is loaded into the tray through the receiving window, moved (pushed) by means of a screw along the body to the unloading part, where it is discharged through the hatch provided for this purpose.

The capacity of the grooved screw conveyor in the standard version is up to 40 t / h at an estimated speed of 280 rpm.

Preferred features

The ergonomics of the grooved screw conveyor ensures a clean working process. Transportation of the product is carried out in a closed case, which eliminates dust removal, spillage of material, ensures production culture, compliance with the requirements of labor protection standards, safety and sanitation standards. In addition, the ScrewTech LM tray conveyor is different:

  • reliability: the design is time-tested, it uses a simple scheme, a worm-type gearbox, which is unpretentious and productive;

  • durability: the details of the tray screw conveyor are made of wear-resistant high-grade steel, which causes a long service life of the equipment;

  • efficiency of operation: the device of the end bearing provides protection against the ingress of a fine fraction into the housing, thereby preventing the idle time of the tray screw, there is no need for frequent maintenance, and the frequency of repairs is reduced;

  • cost-effective: inexpensive to purchase equipment does not require replacement of the lubricant, a special synthetic lubricant of the gear motor is designed for the entire operational period;

  • ease of use and maintenance;

  • safety: the part with the movable mechanism is closed, which eliminates the possibility of injury.

ModelSpeed of rotation,rpmMaximum capacity, tons/hour
114-1 000-1,51873
114-2 000-1,51873
114-3 000-1,51873
114-4 000-2,21873
114-5 000-2,21873
159-1 000-3,028013
159-2 000-3,028013
159-3 000-4,028013
159-4 000-4,028013
159-5 000-4,028013
159-6 000-4,028013
159-7 000-4,01879
159-8 000-4,01879
159-9 000-4,01879
219-1 000-5,528040
219-2 000-5,528040
219-3 000-5,528040
219-4 000-5,528040
219-5 000-7,528040
219-6 000-7,528040
219-7 000-7,528040
219-8 000-7,528040
219-9 000-11,028040
219-10 000-11,028040
219-11 000-11,028040
219-12 000-15,028040
273-1 000-5,528090
273-2 000-5,528090
273-3 000-5,528090
273-4 000-7,528090
273-5 000-7,528090
273-6 000-11,028090
273-7 000-11,028090
273-8 000-11,028090
273-9 000-11,028090
273-10 000-15,028090
273-11 000-15,028090
273-12 000-15,028090

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