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ScrewTech CM
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  • Purpose Cement transportation
  • Model ScrewTech CM
  • Capacity up to 92 ton / hour
  • Tilt angle 0º–45º
  • Speed of rotation 187-300 rpm
  • Engine power 3.0-22.0 kW
  • Diameter 168-325 mm
  • Length 1000-12000 mm

ScrewTech CM cement conveyor

A screw feed is used to transfer fine-grained media containing abrasive particles to a distance. It allows you to transfer a continuous stream of portioned volumes of the substance. ScrewTech CM cement conveyor (cement upgraded) is a specialized device for transferring cement to a limited distance and height by modification. This cement auger compares favorably with other offers on the market in terms of performance and operational endurance.

Technical Specifications

They are also the competitive advantages of the device:

  • The feed can be arranged at an angle from 0 to 45 degrees.

  • The cement auger can have a length of 1000 to 15000 mm. You can choose to perform a strictly defined task.

  • For the rotation of the cement screw, an electric motor with a power of 7.5 to 18.5 kW is used. The power supply type of the power plant is 380V 50 Hz. The motor type is asynchronous.

  • Maintainable gear motor, cylindrical type.

  • The bearing assembly is qualitatively sealed. During long-term operation of the cement screw feeder, the penetration of the pumped media into the cavity of the unit is impossible.

  • The maximum feed per hour is 50 cubic meters of the mixture (in terms of weight-90 t / h). This makes it possible to include the device in production lines. To do this, you need to order additional flanged connections to the standard pipes.

  • The gate of the screw feeder of cement at the entrance and exit is 325 mm, which ensures the uniformity of the intake and delivery without splashing.

  • Routine inspection is performed through a quick-release inspection hatch.

  • The intermediate support is attached to the housing by means of a screw connection. Depending on the modification, the number of supports of the cement auger may vary.

  • The cement auger rotates at a speed of 300 rpm, which gives a homogeneous mixture, no caking and clumping, as well as fast pumping of large volumes.

  • To eliminate runouts on a long screw, use intermediate reference points, maintenance-free, installed inside the pipe casing.

  • The cantilever maintenance-free power bearing is reliably protected from ingress of particles of the pumped media.

The cement auger can only be used for pumping construction cement. The main material of the surfaces in contact with the pumped medium is carbon steel alloys, so pumping aggressive media is prohibited. The additional equipment of the cement screw also includes two types of gate devices: disc and gate. The shutter is operated manually, using an electric or pneumatic actuator.

Basic advantages of the Armata CM cement auger

Compared to other similar products on the market, this model has the following positive features::

  • Production in just two weeks from the moment of placing the order.

  • The gear motor is manufactured by an Italian manufacturer. It belongs to the maintenance-free type. The role of the cooling agent and lubricant is played by a synthetic lubricant that does not require replacement during the entire life cycle of the equipment.

  • Use in the design only wear-resistant durable components designed for long-term operation.

  • Increased protection of bearings from ingress of dust-like particles from the pumped media.

  • The coupling of the motor gearbox and the drive shaft is fast and error-free thanks to the spline connection.

ModelSpeed of rotation,rpmMaximum capacity, tons/hour
168-1 000-3,028013
168-2 000-3,028013
168-3 000-3,028013
168-4 000-4.028013
168-5 000-4.028013
168-6 000-4.028013
168-7 000-4.01879
168-8 000-4.01879
168-9 000-4.01879
219-1 000-5,530050
219-2 000-5.530050
219-3 000-5.530050
219-4 000-5.530050
219-5 000-7.530050
219-6 000-7.530050
219-7 000-9.230050
219-8 000-9.230050
219-9 000-9.230050
219-10 000-11.030050
219-11 000-11.030050
219-12 000-15.030050
273-1 000-5.528090
273-2 000-5.528090
273-3 000-5.528090
273-4 000-7.528090
273-5 000-7.528090
273-6 000-11.028090
273-7 000-11.028090
273-8 000-11.028090
273-9 000-11.028090
273-10 000-15.028090
273-11 000-15.028090
273-12 000-15.028090
325-1 000-7.530092
325-2 000-11.030092
325-3 000-11.030092
325-4 000-11.030092
325-5 000-11.030092
325-6 000-15.030092
325-7 000-15.030092
325-8 000-18.530092
325-9 000-18.530092
325-10 000-18.530092
325-11 000-22.030092
325-12 000-22.030092

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