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Screw conveyors for grain

ScrewTech АГРО
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  • Destination Grain transportation
  • Model ScrewTech AGRO
  • Capacity up to 50 ton / hour
  • Tilt angle 0º–45º
  • Speed of rotation 200-330 rpm
  • Engine power 1.1-5.5 kW
  • Diameter 114-273 mm
  • Length 1000-12000 mm

Screw conveyor for grain ScrewTech AGRO

Every year, agriculture or any other industrial activity requires more and more auxiliary technical means to speed up work in a particular area. Technical progress is constantly evolving, solving many problems of manufacturers and entrepreneurs. Industries engaged in the processing of cereals, cereals, chemical fertilizers, or any other bulk materials, process a large amount of this or that material every day. Performing such work, of course, requires a lot of time and effort, and that is why it is advisable to use automated augers for loading grain.

ScrewTech AGRO grain loading auger is a closed-type conveyor conveyor. This device has a simple design, which makes it easy to maintain it in the event of a malfunction or wear of parts. In particular, if we consider long screws, they are built in separate compartments, which are easy to replace in the event of an unexpected breakdown, avoiding repair of the entire structure. This greatly affects the production process without downtime.

The ScrewTech AGRO grain auger is designed for loading bulk materials of various origins. Depending on its further use and the number of products that will need to be processed, the range of augers consists of several types. And the price, of course, will vary depending on the length, capacity and diameter required for production. So, you can buy ScrewTech grain augers of several types:

  1. Screw conveyors with a diameter of 114mm are produced in lengths from 1 to 5 meters. This auger is a small structure that is used when processing small amounts of materials. It has an engine power of 1.1 kW and processes up to 2.5 tons of products per hour, while making 200 revolutions per minute.

  2. The screw conveyor with a diameter of 159mm can be from 2 to 9 meters long. This loading auger has a little more power of 1.5 kW and accordingly processes more raw materials (up to 10 tons per hour). Rotates at a frequency of 330 revolutions per minute.

  3. There are two types of grain auger with a diameter of 219mm; it can have a length from 1000mm to 12,000 mm, depending on the customer's needs. The performance of the augers depends on the power of the installed drive and on the number of revolutions of the feed shaft. Electric motors with a power of 1.1 to 3 kW are installed on this type of screw conveyors. In this case, the speed of the feed screw can be either 230 or 330 revolutions per minute. This indicator depends on the required capacity of the conveyor for loading grain. But, again, here the choice is up to the consumer. Everyone chooses the most suitable option for themselves, based on the needs of production.

  4. Grain augers with a diameter of 273 mm can also have different lengths (from one meter to twelve). These types of augers are considered the most powerful and are used mainly in large farms, enterprises and industries, where it is necessary to process a large amount of raw materials in a short time and with low energy costs. These types of grain loading augers can process up to 50 tons of raw materials per hour, while making 330 revolutions per minute. Such mechanisms require, of course, the corresponding engine power, for example: a 6-meter screw conveyor has a power of 3 kW, a 12-meter-5.5 kW.

The angle of inclination of all types of augers for loading can vary up to 45, depending on the needs and type of industrial or agricultural process.

You can buy a grain auger anywhere, but if you need a really good conveyor, where the price will be equal to the quality, then it is best to buy a ScrewTech AGRO grain auger:

  • It is made of strong alloys, which will serve for many years without problems associated with the wear of parts;

  • Simple design does not require frequent maintenance and repair;

  • In the event of a malfunction, the parts are in stock, there is no need to order them and wait a long time for their delivery;

ModelSpeed of rotation,rpmMaximum capacity, tons/hour
114-1 000-1,12002,5
114-2 000-1,12002,5
114-3 000-1,12002,5
114-4 000-1,12002,5
114-5 000-1,12002,5
159-2 000-1.133010
159-3 000-1.533010
159-4 000-1.533010
159-5 000-1.533010
159-6 000-1.533010
159-7 000-2.233010
159-8 000-2.233010
159-9 000-2.233010
219-1 000-1.133030
219-2 000-1.133030
219-3 000-1.133030
219-4 000-1.133030
219-5 000-1.533030
219-6 000-1.533030
219-7 000-1.533030
219-8 000-1.533030
219-9 000-2.233030
219-10 000-2.233030
219-11 000-2.233030
219-12 000-3.033030
273-1 000-2.233050
273-2 000-2.233050
273-3 000-2.233050
273-4 000-2.233050
273-5 000-3.033050
273-6 000-3.033050
273-7 000-3.033050
273-8 000-5.533050
273-9 000-5.533050
273-10 000-5.533050
273-11 000-5.533050
273-12 000-5.533050

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